Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Remember the Alamo, I Don't Recall Who Won, They Had Swords, They Had Horses, I Hear We Had Might Guns

Tonight is about decisions, questions, observations, contacts, and superstitions, I've been reading a random how to be a good person, how to be a good business books, and here's what's on my mind.

Decisions -- I heard an interesting tidbit that the people who actually work 'hard' could potentially be prolonging making tough decisions. I've seen this so many times in my life, with people who I used to have high regard for, now a messy table and an all night-er doesn't impress me that much unless there are quantifiable results. Ambiguity exists when the people doing the work aren't making the decisions.

Questions -- The power of inquisition, why don't more people use it, in all facets of life? Status quo is a killer, it prohibits your ability to deviate. It get to the point where you see the world as nothing but a bunch of cogs, i.e., I get calls for jobs that I have no business getting calls for, and the ones I know I'd be a good fit for, I don't get calls back. Why, its because I'm called by some HR person going thru status quo, and not deviating. MBA's, ahhh, can the teachers 'teach' you to be deviant, if so, why aren't they out there being deviant themselves instead of teaching a bunch of sheep to be cookie cutter 'business professionals.'

Observations -- Any jacka$$ can play the role of a business professional, and most are, and this commodity overshadows people who are truly good at these skills. The truly good ones will find a way to excel via 'on the job training'. Don't want to be a commodity, be remarkable at science or engineering.

Contacts -- Anyone notice how FAKE networking is, it doesn't do any good in a conventional sense. I don't think a lot of people who 'network' understand that there usually are interests on both sides of the coin, and true negotiation is aligning these interests to fill both sides. It surely isn't a me, me, me, or a feast of ego, what I often see when I go to some kind of SIG.

Henry Ford says forget about contacts in My Life and Work, just get what you need done, done, and be the best at it, and before its all said and done, you'll have plenty people to take on the supporting roles. If you are personally successful and you actually have money that comes in, people will believe in you and there will be plenty people to fill in the gaps. Decision by consensus usually spells disaster.

There are two types of people, those who have money and those who want money (if you believe that most things boil down to simple economics). The path to money, earn it, work smart, believe, hope, lace it with luck, monitor the industries, and capitalize on opportunity. Or, just be born into it, bullshit your way to it, or sell your soul to some sort of politics or other quest for power. The new age has rich people that actually give good advice, that's something new, therefore making the modern era harder the any time to 'make it big.' However, insiders are insiders, work hard until you attract the 'big money contact.' I'd say be extremely leery of anyone 'teaching you how to make money' and disregard this rant b/c I have no money! (haha), but someday I just might.

Superstitions -- I've had it with horoscopes, true love, and a lot of fiction. The truth is stranger than fiction, and you can truly learn and apply from these power players that have lived in the past, people larger than life, people who I wish could have lived forever, real people who have had the utmost positive effect on society.

In conclusion - You always have to look at a situation for what it is and not what it could be, and if you're bullshitting yourself, or tip-toeing around a big fish small pond scenerio, you're only hurting yourself, and chances of you becoming extraordinary are slim and none.

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SG said...

Not sure I agree about your observations on contacts. I have landed all my jobs based on contacts and networking..

I go to lunch with people I have not worked with for years and we all talk about the opportunities at each of our jobs. Sometimes they are trying to sell me their companies services and sometimes they are trying to hire me away.

Sure the discussions are Fake sometimes, sure some of the people are egocentric, sure if you work-hard and produce -your work stands for itself. But it is the contacts that keep the business world going in my humble opinion..