Monday, June 18, 2007

Now With the Hours Passing, There's Nothing Left Here to Insure, I Long to Find a Messenger

Over the last week I blazed thru Chris Anderson's The Long Tail, the book that says the future of business is selling less of more.

Interesting book, the companies he pointed out poised for success, Amazon, Netflix, Rhapsody, and others. He also went into an in depth discussion about wiki, how great it is and how it has sealed its history as a truly deviant and innovative 'invention.'

Why? Because of The Long Tail. In short, at the top of the 'graphs' there are the best sellers, these are the artifacts that publishers, etc have had a monopoly on distribution, now with many of these barriers gone, 'the middle and bottom' of the graph are turning out to balance to top sellers, thus creating niche markets all over the place. better choices for the consumer, when the dust settles everyone wins.

Shocking stat, the Internet jukeboxes in bars, 10,000 albums to choose from, at least one song has been 'purchased' on 98% percent of the albums. Simply amazing, that stat alone made me think enough to make the book worthwhile.

These trends will only help creativity, will only increase choice, and consumers not only don't like publishers, marketers, etc force feeding stuff down their throat, its proven NOT to be nearly as successful in today's new world. Another crazy stat, best 1st week sales of an album goes to Nsync, and it will probably stay like that, the pinnacle of 'the system' of syndicated synthetic pop served to the digital mass market. New business suggests digital content markets what is important, the creator.

Nothing new here really, as he points out, Sears was the first, Wal-Mart perfected in a tangible world, but in the world of all things digital and the ability to slop a shopping cart on a web page, anything goes.

So here's my challenge to everyone, selling more of less, what's the product?

  1. Sets of 25 limited edition baseballs signed by yours truly, mahon, and the other geeks I interact with on a daily basis? pffft!
  2. Grab a few designers, make 25 prints of authentic shirts (even though been done several times)
  3. Virtual limited edition gifts as on facebook for a buck each
  4. Different color glow in the dark tinkerbells customized straight from the factory
  5. A service that hits the long tail on a certain niche, perhaps community contribution, free services?

O wait, all that's been done, but it's probably in the initial stages. I'm staying in touch with the concepts, getting my hands around the ideas, one day maybe an idea will pop, otherwise. So let's get out our thinking hats and see what we can come up with.

Pure content contribution, just being a part of the long tail gets you exposure, gets your idea out, could perhaps make you popular, in any case, join the revolution.

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