Friday, June 15, 2007

Pullin' Into Cleveland, 7 Seater Tour Van, There's 8 of Us I'm Sleeping on the Floor, The Guy that Plays the Banjo keeps Handing me the Old Crow

Landing for a night in ol' Bryan / College Station hanging out with Casey, a different Casey, not the beast.

Travis Park (Fran would be proud, just like he is of Travis County), Bryan Bombers kicked the other team's butt, at the end of the game a fireworks display, that rivaled most of the 'high dollar' displays I've ever seen. I kept thinking about the Chinese, and thinking about brilliant it would be to watch a display off the Great Wall one day. Also thought about privileged and all that stuff, we're really lucky to see great stuff like that on a 'local' level.

Next was a 'mini' pub crawl, can't remember the first place, but the second place, The Ptarmigan Club, Bryan, Texas, a nice dive with some dodgy carpet in the back, but an abundance of Red Stripe. On the night, some nice engaged conversation about globalization.

I guess college towns mean underage drinking, therefore 'I'm 21 and I'm proving it with this wristband' we had to wear, as if my cyclops belly and scarecrow bading pattern weren't enough. The Kettle's build your own omelet is great.

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