Sunday, June 03, 2007

They Took Your Mould and They Burned it on the Fire of History Today

Let's take bands and business and put them together, the players, the roles.

Both are similar beasts, my buddy Mohon and I sat down one time and listened to this song and put personalities to the instruments. 'Your Cover's Blown' -- Belle and Sebastian

Singer -- Yea, he's the guy that writes the hits, 'leads' the band, can play acoustic on his own, he's got an ego, he's got a vision, probably a bit of a control freak, and the voice, melody and charisma drive the band.

Lead Guitar -- Lead guitar, he's the guy that's the 'true value adder,' sometimes overlooked, but seldom under appreciated. He's where the rubber hits the road. This person is who the singer goes up to and says, 'Hey I have song about my ex-b*tch, can you put some music to it?'

Singer / Guitarist, Paige/Plant, Bono/Edge, Axl/Slash, the list goes on and on.

Drummer -- He's the guy that keeps the band / business together, keeps them focused, in control, and always lands the portrait in the bathroom. He seldom gets accolades for anything in a conventional rock band, however it is an important role, an agent to control 'personalities.'

Rhythm Guitar -- This would be your 'Jr Programmer' -- the lead guitar just says, play the f*ckin' G chord while I thrash this solo. It adds dept to your band / business and allows the lead guitar to deviate.

Keys -- Can work in multiple ways, In your covers blown, its 'bling', comes in every now and then, sounds good, nice fills, or otherwise its a blanket sound that's there to compliment the endeavour.

You have multiple people writing the hits, you could end up with a magical scenario like the Beatles, or even Belle and Sebastian with Stuart, Stevie, Isobel and Sarah writing the hits, but more than likely, your endeavour will probably end up like Hoobastank without the success.

Both are balancing act, you want to sell out your local bar or do you want to sell out Wembley Stadium. When you play for the crickets, are you going to say, man this sucks we had to carry our amps around for this, or are you going to say, we refined our trade tonight. Business-wise, take 5 average techies @70k a pop, your initial ante for a year gig has to pay 1/2 a million dollars to be even worth it. Are you going to labor in the garage for learning sake and refine the trade and be happy about it or are you going to bitch about nothing in the bank account? Another part of the balance is to realize you're working as a dedicated group of peers, each with a distinct role, each with different accolades.

You know you've made it, when you have sistas singin' some backup soul with you on stage, you have your enemies as your roadies wearing pink leotards on stage, and the groupies, in addition to what they do best, well, you've touched them with your mind, and that builds the next successful band / business.

I want my name burned on the fire of history, maybe it will, maybe it won't, but I don't think there's gonna be a lot of rest until something pops.

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