Friday, June 01, 2007

Took Her Off the Vegetation, Took Her by the Arm, Selling E-Coli Burgers, Couldn't Do No Harm

Since last post, Robert catches bug equals 27 #2's, 5-7 imodiums, countless pepto tablets, a handful of vomits, cold sweat, and a sheer desire to plunge from a very high place into oblivion.

I never catch these things, but on the trip, 4 of the 8 participants visited the porcelain thrown at least once, hence cutting the vacation a bit short, not reaching Niagara Falls.

At least it didn't turn into the pukefest as shown below on Stand by Me, and thank god I didn't get the leech on the balls either.

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mel said...

that sucks!! Hope you feel better!