Thursday, June 14, 2007

Virtue Never Tested is no Virtue at All

My buddy G-Man has left the building, I miss him already. He was my 'green tea fix', and I enjoyed his company / conversation / and throwing footballs at him at an insane speed for our afternoon exercise.

'G-Mans to do list before he leaves,' I especially like the 'fix everything permanently and document completely' portion. :)


lc said...

You may understand this sentiment, I know Gary will but I am reminded so much of my Military days reading this. In the Army we would have a kick ass team of close comrades thar you worked with, lived with, partied with and, if needed, fought with.

In an environment designed and actively working against it, we had a killer group of developers, a team I would have -and did -put any challenge someone could imagine to and they made it happen.

You must feel like Hawkeye watching Trapper, Frank, Margaret, and Henry all leave and you are the one left to fight the good fight.

I am happy that pretty much all are still local and maybe someday the A team will get together again and kick some coding ass as only this group could have.

Semper FI, Brotha! :)

RB said...

hahahaha! well said, we can only hope! :)