Sunday, June 24, 2007

We Got Rules and Maps and Guns in Our Backs but We Just Can't Behave Ourselves, Even To Save Ourselves, We are a Brutal Kind

Civilization 4, I've been playing for about 24 hours straight now, the new version adds religious doctrines to the game, thus making global empire building or even global diplomacy for that matter a bit more challenging. Separation of church and state, more for church's sake, I must say. It's amazing one of the things your society has to figure out in the early stages, divine right, boy have we come a long way, or have we?

Tactical nukes, my brother in law and I used to joke, we weren't afraid of nuclear weapons until one was used on us in Civilization, well, there's Munich going up in smoke, I'm scared.

This 'game' is a MUST for kids learning the ropes, I'd say it could be used as the best interactive learning tool on the planet for learning empires, geopolitics, and lots of the agents that make this world complex.

Now, time for some sleep.

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SG said...

Dang you!
After reading your post, I got the itch again and was up till 2:00 am playing Civ...

I can't get to the point to make nuclear weapons yet. At one level I kick their butt by around 1930 at the next level up they destroy me. I will have to get hints from you...

Grant likes to play it, but he just likes to wage war, not much into the whole geopolitical aspects of it all..