Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wet Ground and the Stars are Still Out Shining, Neon Lights Were Never oh, So Blinding

Downtown Bryan, The Texas Reds Festival, wine tasting and steak, but alas, I drank the Bud Lights and the crazy blue aluminum bottles.

Where did these old buildings come from down there? I must say I like what they've done to the place, when visiting B/CS, this will now be my focal point.

Here's the gang, Manuelabor with his wife's 5 dollar tea, I tried to snag that out of his hands for pictures, but it slipped thru on this one.

A sinister grin on my face with Manuelabor, showing top teeth. :)

Gang signs, 'Martinez' and and notice Laci throwing up the 'LM'

No wine, no steak, Mi Cocina in College Station instead, can you say AMAZING TAMALES?

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