Monday, July 23, 2007

Beautiful McMansions on a Hill, That Overlook a Highway

My new radio station, it's really not that bad.

I was going to sit down and really think about what it means to have a support staff that follows you mentally, thanks for all the nice emails, asking what's up, giving updates, etc, etc. Short response, I like the job a lot, I hate San Antonio, but that's just first impression, I'm sure I'll find my local places, or wait, I'll find somewhere to live sooner than later.

The heart lies in Austin, but I'm meeting new people, growing, learning, understanding a whole new set of personalities, and it's really inspiring.

There's a 'chow hall' right across the way from my building. For 3 dollar and 4 bits, you can get all you can eat, and the food is very good, even though I'm one of the few civilians eating with the army peeps. The job has a lot of challenges, in every sense of the word, but it'll be manageable.

I'm looking forward to Travis at Stubbs this Thursday, I haven't been out on the town in forever, I haven't partied in forever, just look at me, I'm in withdrawal, I'm shaking. OOOOO, nevermind, that was the 4am wake up and all the caffeine in my blood, gotta go to sleep.

Like The Beatles say in their beautiful sweet voice.

'Good night Good night Everybody Everybody everywhere Good night'

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