Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For Me This Boardwalk Life's Through, You Ought to Quit this Scene Too

The Hollies, DAMN, Graham Nash, my hero!

Next week I roll up into San Antonio, stick in hand draped over my shoulder, with a blanket at the end wrapped around some Dockers and a polo shirt to start a new job. Lots of cycles running through my head, lots of emotions, lots of feeling.

Emotions: -- For us fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants single guys, who everyone think just has a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, knockin boots all the time (even though I don't know what boots are, and I don't know what knocking means), I'll tell you, it's hard to make life changing decisions without anyone to run it by on typical pillow talk nights.

New city: -- I'm leaving Austin, a big time entertainment city / quality of life city to a city more focused on jobs, slower pace, and, ummmm, heavy metal music? A city defines you, I'll be roaming around in the 'Championship City' being a Mavs fan, dare I say that to anyone.

New Job: -- Not a Problem

More to come during the week as I frame my last 5.5 years as an 'educational experience.'

1 comment:

SG said...

I was wrong.
I predicted you would still be at the state at the end of June 2007.
I think my probabilities were:
50% - Still at TDPS
30% - Still at the state (some other department)
10% - Still in austin (but out of the state)
5% - In Texas at a new job
4% - In another state a new job
1% - In another country a new job.

Well you defied my odds.. Good luck..