Sunday, July 29, 2007

It Was Long and Chrome Standin' In the Lot, Fire Engine Red that Thing Was Hot

That time of year again for the Moulton Jamboree, the town where the fire volunteer fire department seems to be bigger than the city itself.

Small town festivals, dancing, light beer, parades, BBQ cook-offs, it just me, or is it a bit surreal? I'm not doggin' it, just very unique I'd say.

Mummy and me, she's got some really cool hats since the hair has left the building, regardless, she always looks lovely and she's in decent spirits, just a bit weak. She's always matching blue, matching pink, something matching, and boy does she love her pink Chicago Cubs hat. I told her I hope she's got a cool shaped head so we can take a bald picture!

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SG said...

Moulton Fire department...

I gotta give love to the Moulton fire department, they came out to Witting to help us put out a fire back in 1987.