Thursday, July 26, 2007

Life Is Both a Major and a Minor Key, Just Open Up the Chord

Travis, La Zona Rosa, Austin Texas, damn I totally forgot how great these guys are, I guess you could called it being sophisticated and down to earth at the same time. It was in 1997 the same place where I talked to Fran, when he opened for Ben Folds, he asked me what I thought about the spice girls.

10 years later, they still play a lot of the old tunes, lots of tunes I relate with in life, and lots of great commentary and dialogue, as they don't look like the typical 'cool' rock band on stage. I also found out what 'chugging' means in Scotland (it was described by the band as what young boys do at home when mom is gone!).

That being said Fran, a realistic songwriter), Andy, Neil, and Douglas (hips) Payne take the stage, from the front door, coming in to the rocky theme, in boxing outfits, high fiving the crowd.

The light show was amazing, how the hell did they get them into La Zona Rosa?

The boys all came out in the enchor and sang 'Flowers in the Window.' Doug and Andy help out with the strumming towards the end.

Twenty, with the help of no PA --- Fran wanted to 'keep it real', and he totally did! Check out the busted string half way through the song, and disregard the 'camera sound' and drunk a$$es next to me.

To show off the lights, sound quality is terrible, but I love this song 'The Line is Fine'

To end the show, a nice 'Why Does it Always Rain on Me' jump fest from the cheap seats.

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