Friday, July 13, 2007

There's No Sense In Waiting, A Swift Completion Never Comes

Last day at my job of the past 6 years, lots of stuff roaming around in the noggin', I've looked from quotes from Yoda to Ghandi to categorize it, and here's the best I could come up with to represent the last years. A difficult environment to say the least WOO-SA, WOO-SA, OK, I'm calm now.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi

China Star was the place to be for the last supper, I mean dinner, the honky tonky'in-est Chinese Buffet in town, with a big convenient back room. A mix of old and new came out for the occassion, very touching, I've made some amazing friends over the years that I hope continue.

A few years worth of attrition. Lots of collaborative brainpower there in casual format! Thanks for coming, you folks are great :)

My coolest going away present, a street cone, I'm assured it was legally purchased, because I'm always parking in crazy places.

The smoke pit, a place I learned a lot, had some great dialogue, and would sweat in the intense 104 degree heat.

Later that evening, we went to Club Deville and stayed at Club Deville. Garth doing his famous sign, and that's the lovely Stephanie's hand on Garth's leg by the way.

Jennifer and Abbey with Mike D

Lee and Toby

A calm night in the perspective of things, not a goodbye but merely a 'see you later.'

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