Sunday, July 22, 2007

There's So Many Different Worlds, And Many Different Suns, And We Have Just One World, But We Live in Different Ones

Things to do in San Antonio before I'm Dead(o).

Museo Alameda

Rosario's Cafe and Cantina



Garcia Art Glass

Rendon Photography and Fine Art

La Frite Belgian Bistro

Jupiter Java and Jazz

Blue Star Arts Complex

Joan Grona Gallery

The Radius

San Angel Folk Art

Rick Hunter Photography

Beethoven Maennerchor

Taqueria Atotonilco

Panifico Bakery

Liberty Bar


SG said...

Sounds like a plan to get that ole credit card balance up again.

Just trying to keep you honest..

RB said...

yea, i hear ya brotha, a lot of this stuff is free :) --- help me stay on the up and up!