Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Watching All the Reds, and Oranges Slip Away, Letting Go of Yet Another Dirty Day

After miles of tirelessly driving through the streets of San Antonio, I don't get the 'warm and fuzzies' in any part of town. Steve is really my only 'home boy' in the city, so what's a boy to do? Opinions on where to live in San Antonio from the locals say, well live here but do this and snake through this area, etc, etc, etc.

So, enter New Braunfels, a sleepy-ish community that sits about 25 minutes from my job, at least at the ungodly hour of 7am I'm supposed to show up to my job at.

This nifty place, the old LCRA power plant now converted into an apt complex, would be pimp to get a place in here, and it comes at a very reasonable price tag. It would be kinda like living in the Tate Modern, but not really living in the Tate Modern. Come to think of it, with the smokestacks, kinda looks like the Titanic.

Side profile of this beast, that bear the old school letters of LCRA.

My local bar would be a BREW PUB, it sits MINUTES from a very rustic and quaint downtown, I get a great vibe from it. Faust is the name, selling your soul to the devil is the game.

A hop skip and a jump from the Wurstfest grounds, who can say 'Crawl home!', instead of sitting on the curb into the wee morning hours till the sober angels come.

What's up with the rain?, already wet'ist year in recorded history. Well it sure does yield a brilliant sunset, I even saw a rainbow tonight, and entire rainbow, not just one of those half rainbows, or quarter rainbows, the whole thing, the real deal.

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