Monday, July 02, 2007

Well it All Comes Down to Kerosene and Sorry Signs on Cash Machines

Think about the calamity that would come with no electricity.....In modern society the 'hunter gatherers' hunting ground is your nearest grocery store or supermarket.

That been said, what have I been doing with my time in Shiner, trying to not become one of those people feverishly yanking the bottled water off the shelves at the store in the event of some crazy circumstances.

Learning to make stuff grow, my brother is a great teacher. It's amazing what a new big pot will do for a nearly dead rubber tree.

Lemon tree very pretty, this little buddy is doing great, will yield some nice lemons for some good ol' down home ice tea come this fall.

Damn, alas, the pomegranate tree, I don't think it likes the Texas heat or the intense rain we've been having, just doesn't seem to be bearing its nearly impossible to eat goodness.

George Harrison worked the land, loved working in his garden, Thom Yorke sings about gardens in nice dreams, seems like all sensible people do it, I look forward to getting better with it.

Maybe one day I'll have a nice assortment of peppers growing out in the back!


Anonymous said...

Robert, remember a former UDML pastor and his 3 children-one of which was your tennis partner and very good friend?! Well, this is the mom of that family, and I really enjoy your blog. At first I was just reading to get Shiner news, and then I became hooked. Will continue to be interested in your Mom's progress, and am so sorry to hear that she is ill. Give her my love. David is living in Raleigh, and is an electrical engineer. His first job was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He's not married. Ray is a teacher and coach here in SC. Ashley teaches, is married and has a daughter.

RB said...

Debbie! Yes I remember you very well, in fact I always refer to a 'best friend' of mine that I lost touch with, and I've been trying to locate Dave for a long time. I've asked Sharon for yalls email address, but never get a response.

Please send me an email, that way I can catch you up with the latest, and please give Dave mine, I'd love to meet up with yall sooner than later and catch up!

As you can see from the pictures, I'm bald and fat now! haha

I remeber yalls kindness when you bought my ENTIRE FAMILY dinner on a trip up to DC!

Anyway, I hope you read this, send me a message to, and that way hopefully we can connect up and I can get dave's email too!

I'm really excited! Thanks for the comment :)