Monday, July 16, 2007

We’re Battleships, Driftin’ in Our Wee River

For those keepin' count, here's my opinions on what has been good and bad in mom's chemotherapy treatments. For the record, Mom's first treatment was last Thursday, the weekend left her burping and lot and bloating, and sick enough to miss Collin's birthday party on Sunday.

The Good - Hospital staff everywhere (Yoakum, Cuero, and Victoria), very professional, exceptional service, all around gives me warm and fuzzies. MEDICARE -- 14,000 for the surgery, Medicare pays for 13,000 of it.

The Bad - To top off the feeling of having chemo, how bout paying for 3 pills at 100 dollars EACH? And how bout a handful of others that are 50 dollars each? Research and development, yea, I'd say a necessary evil for these peeps to make innovative drugs to fight cancer, just isn't fair for 'our category' of people who don't default on bills.

THE SHEER UGLY - Can you say our INSURANCE POLICY!!! GOD AWEFUL! I had my time haggling with them on the phone, sis' had her turn, and in the perspective of things, they have paid 400 dollars for a random visit, and DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH the surgery. Only 4,000 a year support for chemotherapy, and no support for pills. The only MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT!
The result, I think it's what P.J. O'Rourke says, 'If you think health care costs now, just wait till it's free.' The system has to be mixed, private to drive R&D, to add the incentives to performance and quality, and 'universal,' so any constituent in the mix, (the individual, the insurance, the hospital, the government, etc) doesn't have to be economically / medically 'scientific' about who claims the debt of people who can't pay.

In my years at DPS, I estimate I paid in a rough estimate of 35,000 dollars for medical insurance, nad and I only went to the doctor for one minor thing over the time paying in.

It might be the best we can get for a good while?

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