Wednesday, July 04, 2007

White Noise Swells in My Head, Makin' Me Worry It's the Summertime

Today Ashley celebrated her 30th birthday by getting 30 friends to hula hoop in front of the capital. How nice, the power of influence!

It was funny, the average tourists out there had a much better time watching the hoopers than snapping pictures of the capital, for the hour or so, these activities were the hit of the capital. Even a few old ladies were joining in, one gradma was teaching her grand daughter how to do it, it was, for lack of a better word, cute. The Capital Police didn't know what to think, so I guess they thought, well, whateva.

There she is, in her bought from the store for 1 dollar butterfly top.

I've always loved this view, from the capital looking down congress. There sure were a bunch of people participating, man I wish I could rally a bunch of computer geeks for a common cause like this!

The culmination of activies, everyone singing happy birthday, it was great, and sweet. I'm really glad to see her happy :)

As for me, way too shy, perhaps I should have had some Jagermeister.

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