Thursday, August 30, 2007

Buy Me Some Peanuts and CRACK!

As mundane as I think baseball is to watch, I find myself at the ballpark more often than I'd like. I sat near some idiot savants who could rattle off mission stats and still blow the annoying air horn.

The San Antonio Missions, lead by their mascot 'Ballapeno' beat the team from Midland in a thriller. Here's their new jumbotron.

Here's the stadium, I used to see it all the time on 'KSAT 12' growing up, yippie, I'm there in real life now.

Don't let that fridge full of healthy food fool you down there, today was a great day full of frito pie and pizza and a miller and bud light or two.

Let's see how it rolls next season for the missions. There are 5 of them in San Antonio in case yall didn't know, and there's a bike ride that goes to all of them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You're as Cold as ICE

I once lived with a gal named Queen Bee, one of the most strong willed females I know. Well, once I thought about it in my head, what would happen if I said to her, 'bring me a beer b*tch', and then shortly after that the thoughts to me pulling shards of glass out of my face. haha

Shopping day today = full fridge = 1- sixer of spaten, 2- sixer of carlsberg, 3 - sixer of stella, 4 - dodgy heb sushi, 5 - wheat bread, 6 - sandwich meat, 7 - lunchables, 8 - carbonated water (it helps me burp), 9 - Yogurt, 10 - juice, 11 - Fresh Fruit, and 12 would be the stick of toblerone I am currently munching on.

Let thy belly be gone.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SA, Esse

More pictures of San Antonio.

Maybe the scariest road I've ever travelled down. Alamo street under a convergence of roads.

Feels a bit international here, with the soccer. I like it.

An old Lone Star facility, I wish they'd all go out of business. I've learned to stick a lime in em' if i have to drink em. haha

Bienviendos Los Estados Unidos.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I've got a bumper sticker on my chest that says, No Regrets, No Regrets

The Internet to me has always been a strange and wondrous land. Lots of money has been made by just pure hype, and it is often hard to decipher what is over-inflated and what is the real deal.

One thing for certain, when companies like google start playing with money like its monopoly, arguing over private jets, and serving lobster for Monday lunch, it's a sign of a company I'd like to stay away from in terms of investments.

What's his name, I can't think of him offhand, talks of a coalition b/w Facebook, techmeme, and Mahalo to create a new platform of aggregation based on friends recommendations and the whole social networking thing, and how it stands to gain tremendous ground in there future, and I couldn't agree more, here are some of the reasons and thoughts.

As the Internet gets bigger so does the noise, and the filter (the search) isn't going to be able to keep up with this noise, or it will have a more difficult time being an objective search and a money maker at the same time, hence money wins.

It is a time when google has tons of 'labs' that have an empty bottom, money is getting thrown into them with not ROI, eventually this HAS to catch up.

You look at business models that can be copied, google brought the long tail to advertising, and that's what made them popular, but guess what, yahoo got it figured out, and they have a bigger base to work from.

I SCOFF at google for CHARGING for 6 gigs of Gmail when yahoo has free unlimited. Google invented the free large sum of space, what in the bejesus are they doing charging for it now? I'm disgruntled about this, it seems to be a weird move on their part, and they possibility of disillusioning their fan base is high.

In the end, if more people would contribute to content aggregators like facebook, that's where I would get my news from, instead we're still in the realm of pokes, pictures of you dancing on tables, and 'where I've been applications.'

There is a World Inside the World that you See, And It's OK to Count the Minutes 'Cause How Many Could There Be

There is a phrase in the computer geek world called 'the impedance mismatch.' Tight meaning means something like when you take 'relational databases' and 'object oriented business logic' and make them work and play together. It's a big time challenge to organize and integrate these two areas of programming, and in my days of programming, I've never seen it done efficiently, effectively yes, efficiently no. I always thought that if you understand the philosophy behind this mismatch, the rest is just details.

I looked up impedance mismatch and courtesy of wiki I got a loose definition. It is "choosing impedances that work well together" instead of "making two impedances complex conjugate."

This got me thinking about humans, and how they certainly don't manage the conflicting layers of life well. This leads to the 'state of the union' today, one in which based on your bias on what you are hearing on the news, what your buddies are talking about, or any other sound bytes you here. This trains you to hear what you want to hear, and do what you want to do, because the integration of ideas and personalities becomes too difficult.

Finally finished, 'A Brief History of Islam.' This is a classic example of an ideology that handles impedance mismatch extremely inefficiently.

What happens next is human beings are true to their thoughts, and they 'fight for what they believe', instead of fighting WHAT they believe. In the ever changing world, I find it essential to adapt with the changes, and re-evaluate your stance on all things that you believe.

Why do human beings box themselves in? And why do I feel like everything and everyone tries to 'box me in.?' Is it because it makes me easy to understand for their digestion? Why does this happen in politics, economics, family affairs, and the other big platforms of thought?

It makes me ask myself, what are the questions that stir in my mind, and what do I believe in? I believe in change, the concept 'if it's working, it's broke.'

There are so many things BROKEN in modern day society, because the world is changing rapidly, more rapidly than ever before, and people aren't changing with them. The 'dinosaurs' are trying to maintain power as the options for everyone in the developed world are growing.

The last thing I ever want to do is box myself in, and in having that attitude, I feel I've lived in a difficult mindset of impermanence, while having and discovering ultimate flex room. The impedance mismatch of life is what I want to devote my brains cell to as the future rolls on.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Every Shore They're Gonna Touch Is Gonna Turn to Solid Gold

My long time great friend Marty and his lovely wife Julie are set to have a baby, and tis' the time for baby showers.

Marty is person I grew up with, a person I was a wide receiver with in football, a guy I spent numerous evenings with in college watching Bevis and Butthead, and one of my old friends who takes a genuine interest in my life. O hell, what am I trying to say, he's the man.

Offspring still scare me b/c I couldn't handle them, but these guys, they're set!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Get on the same train and he wants to talk, But there is too much history, too much biography between us

Me and the Major, a song by Belle and Sebastian describes the status of my emotions these days, I'm living in a world where I don't fit in, but like what any survivor does, they survive (wow, did that last sentence sounds like GW Bush or what?)

Every night I come home while I live a tame life. I live a tame life because I want to pay for the life of excess I've had the last 10 years of my life. I want to come out of this scenario clean, with a fresh start, and it's my NUMBER ONE priority, ahead of anything else I can possible think of in life. And it feels good like that, It feels good for me to be on the path of responsible living.

What is the residue left behind one may ask? Well, every evening when I come home, part of my feels like the little puppy dog that took a wicked steamer in the corner of the room. I kinda know I've done something wrong, and parts of me have regrets. Yea, that 12 man toast at O'Neils in London was fun, that ticket to the Prado in Spain was worth it, that 900 dollar Martin guitar that I just salivate over all the time is cool, and many other things, great stuff, but the consequences of that is the game of 'where is he now?' Well the short answer, he's paying for it, monetarily, and in some cases emotionally and physically.

Tis a city where the life blood (no pun intended) is military, soldiers and spurs, at least that's the dominate presence as I roam around, talk to people, and make attempts to engage in the society and culture. I've never seen citizens of a city boastfully turn their back on downtown, proudly proclaiming, 'the burbs,' that's where it's at. I hear this at least once a day from different entities. Head down south, I'd say every third building is for lease. I don't understand it, and I hope my time here will help me to understanding what is playing out in my mind as a fascinating cultural dynamic.

I ate lunch with some rather interesting people this evening, conversations revolving around SA being the 'soul' of Texas, and unarguably the first city in Texas, and fascinating parallels to Guadalajara and Monterrey.

I'm also able to vaguely read between the lines of what happens to a city, or inner city when 'the money' turns it back on it. Something certainly creeps in to fill that void. This dynamic, at least the way I see it is extremely intriguing.

Loads on my mind right now, I have no earthly idea how to catalogue. I have loads of pictures in the queue, and I'm excited to bring my bike up next week to venture farther into the urban wilderness. (dont be afraid family, when I see gangs hangin' by cars, I know it's my cue to turn around, don't drown (in my own blood that is)).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer and Winter, Winter and Springtime, You Heard the Birds Sing, Everything will be Fine

Lots of crazy antics today, and even more pictures.

JR, Today the birthday boy, 47 candles on that cake, looks like it's gonna set the house in flames, boy we had to light those suckas quick!

Here's all the hoodlums that showed up, great times, check out that expression on Gavin's face. Only one not pictured is JOSH, you the bomb dude, thanks for takin' the picture!

Corey and I always roughin' each other up, pretty soon he's gonna be able to take me, I just know it. I'm intimiated already.

JR and I, we sure do like throwing around that Frisbee thing! JR was 'the man in black' today.

Gman and his crazy elephant ears, boy those things are lookin' good. So much rain, plants everywhere are happy :)

Me and Ashton throwing up our antlers, always good fun picking on Ashton. Let the walrus jokes roll on all day.

Here's a very reluctant mummy as Ashton and I try to teach her the 's3x, drugs and rock and roll' sign. Just check that look on her face, she's thinking, are you crazy?

After some persuasion, she worked it out like a champ!

Here's the brothas, with mutha, all from the same mutha too.

The hero of the day was Derwin for bringing his pressure washer to give a spray to my tired front walkway. Lots of pecan sap lining the sidewalks. This brings a new place for the phrase 'wash me.' It was actually hard to do this b/c when I'd 'open her up' , the machine that is, it would burst me back a bit.

In the middle of the process, insane I tell you, we could have used this as an example on a commercial.

Finally, here's Ronnie and his Okra, he said to put on the blog that this stuff gross better with some kinda moss fertilizer, but I forgot the actual name.

Love ya Jr, hope you had a great time, I hope you enjoy watching first season episodes of Lost In Space, and hope you had as great of a time as I did today.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pool Nights at Shimek Residence Shiner Texas

Always epic nights at the Shimek residence, Casey, Mr Marty Shimkek, and Dustin.

EXIT LIGHT, ENTER NIGHT *with a cheese head bang*

The more I push San Antonio, the more it pulls away. I had a great morning I intend to blog about soon, I met some local color, and was humbled in a lot of ways.

However, entertainment value thus far has been covers of Metallicock, Seven Mary Three, STP, Three Doors Down and other alt-rock fossils.

The Margarita Pour, a staple SA event, held at Sunken Gardens, in itself, it used to be a good live music venue. At one point I saw Bush there back in the day, and also a killer Eve 6 / Third Eye Blind gig.

I like the road in the back of the venue, kinda interesting layout.

A toast to Jose -- 20 to get in, and all you get was 10 sippy cups of margaritas and you have to BUY the rest? What the hell is this all about?

There's me and my ten sippy cups of margaritas, with my pathetic KISS swag, god I'm a hater.

Not quite like hipsters who crowd the stage at 'real' bands, and not cover bands. The only hardcore dude up front appeared to have too much acid.

Highlights of the afternoon were Mohon's antics. Here a picture of him grabbing a master cylinder of Butt-Wiper off the ground and pretending to take a big swaller.

Mahon loved the show, just look at that facial expression. Boy we are dorks!.

Laura P was doggin' on shaggy Mike P. We see the $5 dollar haircuts, and it was on! Inside, all Spanish, kinda cool, kinda trippy -- I was reading a some sort of trash magazine in Spanish. Good times.

Finally, with it being about 100 outside, its at least 10 degrees hotter inside the porto, hence, I long pee produced tons of sweat, not the best way to look coming out of the pot. Kinda reminds me of when Bevis and Butthead were drinking those big gulps at that rock concert and Bevis knocks it over with Butthead in it, if Mahon would have done that to me, that would have been a text book ending a signature margarita (festival) gone sour.

All in all, wherever you go there you are, and with the P's there, I had a great time nonetheless.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Backbeat the Word was on the Street That the Fire in Your Heart was Out

Stevie Ray in the backdrop didn't come to visit, but Mike and Laura P did, and I'm just as happy to see them. I can't tell you how excited I was to see them roll up into my roach infested apartment.

Cover band shitty, that's what it's all about. On the night we heard to E. John and Oasis covers, and we also got some San Antonio street credit for downing the Johnny Walker Red. Been there, done that, will be a while before I go back, and I'm not getting the T-shirt.

Mike and Laura P, thanks a bunch for coming up. :)

I'm a Travellin' Man, Make a Lot of Stops, All Over the World

70% of America has lost it's aesthetic value. In riding through the states, its as if you're still at home. Best Buy, Circuit City, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Cracker Barrel, Chili's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, Holiday Inn, Best Western, and the list goes on and on -- these places have a dominant presence in American society. It has it's ups and downs, just like this book 'Good Capital Bad Capitalism' on my Amazon wish-list.

These are the medium to large places, these places consume the roadways and hearts and minds of the average traveller. Why? Because of ease of accessibility, and the lack of spontaneous behavior in the hearts and minds of people on the road. Few people these days want to just roll up into a place and say, look at that hotel, it looks cool and it costs a bit more, lets stay there. Instead it's expedia and predictability. I'm not knocking it, I do it all the time, but sometimes I wish I didn't have that option.

Europe, old stuff everywhere, and with old stuff comes old ways, at least for now. That's what I kinda like about that side of the pond, you're forced to improvise (except with the expedia factor again.) However, left to your own devices and no Internet, its fun, exciting and spontaneous.

With the advent of the big box / big commercial institutions, it's interesting to see what will balance that out and what conventional culture will become. What is the long tail of culture going to bring us, and how long do we have to wait for it?

There are Places I Remember...

Sitting here with a Carlsberg in hand, I remember as if it was yesterday downtown Liverpool, where the beer is popular.

I remember the barmaid pouring a glass from the tap, I remember the beer, looking at the tiny bubbles, the taste of it being ice cold. I remember going to the disco that had 80's night, drinking two for the price of one, I recall the atmosphere, the greasy fish and chips, and all in all, the wonderful vibe of the harbor city.

This is what my steadily and significantly declining balance of 12,000 dollars on my Visa card has bought me. Memories, VIVID memories of me being in places and circumstances that are surreal to a Shiner boy.

Enter world flatten-er #11, people who like to travel AND don't find excuses not to. Kudos to you people!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When You Hear Twin Fiddles and a Steel Guitar, You're Listening to the Sound of the American Heart

Mr George im-a-sucky-actor-and-I-don't-write-my-own-songs-and-I-just-hold-that-guitar Strait (but I still like him) lives somewhere in San Antonio, I think in a posh part of town called 'The Dominion.'

Biggest differences thus far STX from ATX:

1 -- While walking around here in SA, it feels like DEFCON 1, no a soul in site, even in the smaller parks, its very quiet. It's a lot different, Austin has 25,000 hipsters per square mile. I kinda like it here, not nearly the amount of social pressure.
2 -- The 3 places I've had breakfast tacos from aren't nearly as good as ATX surprisingly, but I'm sure I'm going to hit the jackpot sooner or later here. However, you can get them on the cheap with a Capital C.

On with the show, here's a park one block away from my crib, heading west on New Braunfels Street east. I like the 'wildflowers at work.'

I can't wait to try the salsa and chips, guac, enchilada and taco sweetness of some of these places on Broadway, heading east towards downtown.

Architecture, reminds me of Tijuana, I'm really actually diggin' it.

Mad scientist houses all over the place. I appreciate the aesthetics of old verses new in housing. I'd love to have that upstairs apartment with all those winders.

Everything is cheap here, maybe I'll get a wax, like the 40 year old virgin.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

They Say the Neon Lights are Bright on Broadway, They Say There's Magic in the Air On Broadway

That's right, on Broadway, San Antonio, this is right down the road, a hop, skip and a jump. My nightly jog walk jog walk. I jog when someone else is going to come by so I can look all cool and fit, and walk a bit later when I'm about to die.

The Witte museum, don't know anything about it, but i plan on finding out what's up up in there.

Incarnate Word college, I know my child prodigy friend who is working in the senate building went here at an early age, don't know what it's about, but I'll find out more. Perhaps I will eventually take some masters classes here.

Right behind here is ATT, SBC, whateva big a$$ building.

Wanna talk about local pubs? Well here's my new one, The VFW converted into a pub. Interesting local color as I poked my head in the door.

Finally, yea, the troops, I feel for them, I wish them a safe return. Let's look at the services. I agree, we need to carry the big stick, but we also have to know how to use it. Like my old buddy Colby used to say, 'its not the size of the wand, but the magic in it.'


Monday, August 13, 2007

In The Middle of the Night, I Go Walkin' In My Sleep

First off, shout out to Casey and Jan in Bryan / College Station, who are fans of the blog! Glad y'all are reading, please don't think I'm a bizarre kid, even though I'm a bizarre kid. I hate y'all for getting to see Rush, and Jan, congrats on the new job. :)

Tonight marks the first time in over a year I've had my 'own' place to live in the big city. It's nice, it's relaxing. Thanks sooo much sis for letting me stay with y'all foreva, and Bob and Mel, words can't thank y'all enough, and I look forward to washing clothes at y'alls place, the laundromat down the street is a bit seedy.

Tis the best time of day to take pictures, using the natural light of the sun and atmosphere. Here's my adobe-pueblo'ish apartment. I'm first floor on the left. I'm wondering if this is going to give relevance to the 'sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight' Metallicock lyric.

Walking down the road, lots of cool murals, here's one on a sidewalk, heading downtown.

The road coming out of the base, a nice curve downward, golf course on the right, followed by New Braunfels, Broadway, and Austin street.

How ironic this is the road that rolls up into base.

I'm one block away from the botanical gardens, I'm looking forward to seeing what kinda crazy stuff is growning inside these things.

San Antonio sorta reminds me of sunny Barcelona, on first impulse, then i think, what am I thinking. Barcelona is AMAZING, San Antonio has the capacity to be cool. I'm surrounded by a lot of cool things, and I can already tell there are going to be some great walks and bike rides.

Finally, meet MIMO, he's my new wireless router, say hi to the world MIMO, everyone, tell MIMO hi. 7 antennas in this puppy, hopefully I'm not drowning out my neighbors.

Raised in the Woods So's He Knew Every Tree, Killed Him a Bear When He was Only Three

Living in SA, I think of the dreaded Alamo, the center of town and attention for tourists. Back in the day, legend has it that William Travis, Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie camped out with 185 Texans as Santa Anna's army of 3,000 - 6,000 in number (depending on who tells the tale) March to quell to uprising of American settlers to the area. The struggle for Texas Independence actually began in Gonzales. They had a crust cannon they borrowed from the Mexican army, Mexican army wanted it back, G-Town says, 'Come and Take It,' so the legend goes.

Reality probably goes more like this. Mexico City to San Antonio is over 800 miles, by the time Santa Ana's army made it up that way, they were probably like 'Damn, this sucks,' it's hot, I want to go home and the like. Sure, this gave Sam Houston 7-10 more days of 'training time' for his militia army, but in reality I think the Mexican army would have feel to the influx of whites sooner or later.

Just to note, no way to make war civil, 200 or so 'Texans' in Goliad got killed even after surrender.

Lots of social implications here between white and hispanic, and I'm excited to get a perspective on the tolerances and lack of tolerances as the months go by. I'm plan to do a lot of looking and listening with an open mind.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We're Not Gonna Take It, NO We Ain't Gonna Take It

Tonight as I sit here with a whole lot and a whole lot of nothing on my mind, I'm reminded of the 7th grade literary class that spoke of (in my mind) the ultimate conflict, MAN VS HIMSELF.

Am I sitting here right now because I actually have to take a look at man vs himself all the time, or is it because it's a healthy thing to do, something that will stick to you forever, regardless of circumstances. I'm thinking to man vs himself conflict is what moves the stone, its the ultimate motivator in a world full of mixed priorities.

There's an old proverb from somewhere that says 'Time is a made thing, to say you don't have time, means you don't want to.' Certainly in any case you will have time to do the things you WANT to do, you make time. If I found out Neil Hannon was coming to SA tomorrow at 10am, I'd be there at all costs. If I knew there were dire straits (not the band but in real life) in my family, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

So what is time, and why is he pappa? I'd like to think its because he's the ultimate say in what goes on in your life. He's the ultimate 'clock is ticking' being that determines what you do with your life. What are you opportunity costs? If I'm drinking and boozing I'm not going to have a whole lot of time for self enrichment. If I'm whoring around, it's instant gratification, but it doesn't bode well if you want to have a family, have offspring, and cultivate relationships with kids.

Man vs himself constantly asks himself, what am I doing here, and what do I need to do to make myself happy. I'd like to think as the man with inner demons goes through this conflict, happiness is met with him every step of the way by means of achievement, but means of pulling out the root of the problem and gnawing on it (hopefully its not a wasabi root.)

Man vs himself is where I like to be, I find comfort there, I find I can relate to a lot of people there, and not on a superficial level. Let's get down to it in the first 5 minutes, the first 5 days, the first 5 months, lets ride on instinct get'r done and find the next hill to climb, look back every now and then go, whew, thats bada$$.

As the world turns, the circle of life continues, deviants are born and die everyday. It's a toss up, what's the inspiration, man vs himself inspiring man vs nature, or vice versa. Maybe one day I'll turn my man vs himself learning's outward and try to conquer something natural. That may be a sea change I need in life.

Friday, August 10, 2007

And tonight you go to bed and dream All the world to be what you want it

What do Jason Borne, Nero, and Ragnar Danneskjöld have in common? They are all vigilant and engaged characters when the process or institution goes wrong; espionage, politics and socialism respectively. They are the ones that go 'BOOYAH' and put the smack down on 'bad stuff,' no agendas, just to tear it back down in hopes that the 'right' people build it back up. These people emerge in the presence of a fledgling empire, and their duties are what they are, for better or worse, but seldomly 'not interesting.'

Borne's run hops from Italy, London, New York, Tangiers, Madrid, and etc, and it's all done with a great transparency to the plot. It's amazing how in espionage, there are 'assets' placed around the world, that can carry out a politicians 'dirty work,' as depicted in the movie.

Borne and people like that, are practical heroes I think, it's more realistic than what Bond has become, and certainly more realistic that Cruise's Scientology Impossible. On the unrealistic side, can it REALLY exist that some people can have such a degree of diplomatic immunity? If so, where is the line drawn between this role and the role of a mercenary?

All that being said, I love the Borne series, it shows varying degrees of ickyness, and I can get my machismo fix for a good while after a movie like this.
Side notes -- I think there's a conspiracy to get younger peeps money for movies. There were 7 PG-13 movies at the theatre, NONE rated R, and going to the movies stag, I can't help but notice the insane amount of 'lets drop our kids off at the movies' scenerios.

In some ways, I can't wait to budget in the 60 inch TV and sound system, not live in a place with thin walls, and have on demand access to these types of movies so I don't have to go to a musty theatre, and I can still enjoy it when Hollywood spends a boatload of money on special effects.

The Trouble With the Maples, and They're Quite Convinced They're Right

As luck would have it, I ran into a good ol' buddy George at Dominoes pizza tonight, I barely recognized him due to a short hair cut, but we used to 'work' together at VWA. He said he's a reader of my blog, and I'm flattered! Staying engaged is good :)

George says RUSH will be at VWA on Sunday, I'll be there, everyone come and join me on the lawn, see a great band, and perhaps the best rock drummer in history.

GEORGE, great to see you dude, and look forward to having dinner with you one night!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kissin' Just for Practice, Could we Please be Objective Cause the Other Boys are Queuing Up Behind Us, A Hand Over My Mouth, A Hand Over the Window

I've always thought that looks can get you just as far as intelligence. What is it about a typical IT shop? 92% made of guys going ga-ga when a decent looking girl joins the mix? How does that work, how is it that dudes become more accommodating than normal, and conversation opens? All knowledge aside, there is power in looks.

That's why I keep my man boobs in check and the head shiny bald. Like Jonas says to Jane in the movie Leap of Faith, 'always look better than them Jane,' and I find this to be true, look better than them in body, mind and spirit, and stay ahead of the curve, and you'll turn heads.

I still want to believe that pragmatism is still the true way to get ahead in the long run, but who's to say that politics and bs doesn't go a long way. 'Fighting the good fight,' getting things done is the contradictory hard way and at the same time the easy way to get to the top. It's the way to stay young. What defines you in an office space is what you do at 2pm after a big Chinese food lunch. Do you fight through it or fold?

Regardless, its not a question of 'is life fair?' I'm coming to the realization that you MAKE life fair for you.

In addition to that, 'wherever you go, there you are.' I'm finding some interesting places in SanTacko that I will blog about soon, and in a way its refreshing to exit stage left from the hipster scene and hang out in a more practical life environment. (don't get me wrong though, I cry every night that I'm not in Austin)

All in all, things are very good --- very happy, very tired.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rain, Fallin' Against The Lonely Tenement that Sets My Mind to Wander

No pictures from the outside, I'm not afraid of al qaeda, I'm scared of al-crack-a as Chris Rock would say. Army base behind, 5 blocks to the left crack deals goin' on, 5 blocks to the right, there' a country club, and my local pub is 'Betty's Battalion,' therefore it will keep me 'off the streets.'

Here's the 'big room,' the old tenant was kind enough to even leave me a couch. It's dying for a leather smell yankee candle which I'll get next week. I hope my neighbors aren't upset with my new bandwidth hogging MIMO router.

The 'master' bedroom, the only bedroom for that matter, nice window unit, CISSP book and netflix account, that's gonna do it!

Once I get my manly' black shower curtain, it will compliment the good ol' pink bathroom, it will show everyone my sensitive side :)