Friday, August 10, 2007

And tonight you go to bed and dream All the world to be what you want it

What do Jason Borne, Nero, and Ragnar Danneskjöld have in common? They are all vigilant and engaged characters when the process or institution goes wrong; espionage, politics and socialism respectively. They are the ones that go 'BOOYAH' and put the smack down on 'bad stuff,' no agendas, just to tear it back down in hopes that the 'right' people build it back up. These people emerge in the presence of a fledgling empire, and their duties are what they are, for better or worse, but seldomly 'not interesting.'

Borne's run hops from Italy, London, New York, Tangiers, Madrid, and etc, and it's all done with a great transparency to the plot. It's amazing how in espionage, there are 'assets' placed around the world, that can carry out a politicians 'dirty work,' as depicted in the movie.

Borne and people like that, are practical heroes I think, it's more realistic than what Bond has become, and certainly more realistic that Cruise's Scientology Impossible. On the unrealistic side, can it REALLY exist that some people can have such a degree of diplomatic immunity? If so, where is the line drawn between this role and the role of a mercenary?

All that being said, I love the Borne series, it shows varying degrees of ickyness, and I can get my machismo fix for a good while after a movie like this.
Side notes -- I think there's a conspiracy to get younger peeps money for movies. There were 7 PG-13 movies at the theatre, NONE rated R, and going to the movies stag, I can't help but notice the insane amount of 'lets drop our kids off at the movies' scenerios.

In some ways, I can't wait to budget in the 60 inch TV and sound system, not live in a place with thin walls, and have on demand access to these types of movies so I don't have to go to a musty theatre, and I can still enjoy it when Hollywood spends a boatload of money on special effects.

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