Thursday, August 30, 2007

Buy Me Some Peanuts and CRACK!

As mundane as I think baseball is to watch, I find myself at the ballpark more often than I'd like. I sat near some idiot savants who could rattle off mission stats and still blow the annoying air horn.

The San Antonio Missions, lead by their mascot 'Ballapeno' beat the team from Midland in a thriller. Here's their new jumbotron.

Here's the stadium, I used to see it all the time on 'KSAT 12' growing up, yippie, I'm there in real life now.

Don't let that fridge full of healthy food fool you down there, today was a great day full of frito pie and pizza and a miller and bud light or two.

Let's see how it rolls next season for the missions. There are 5 of them in San Antonio in case yall didn't know, and there's a bike ride that goes to all of them.

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