Saturday, August 18, 2007

EXIT LIGHT, ENTER NIGHT *with a cheese head bang*

The more I push San Antonio, the more it pulls away. I had a great morning I intend to blog about soon, I met some local color, and was humbled in a lot of ways.

However, entertainment value thus far has been covers of Metallicock, Seven Mary Three, STP, Three Doors Down and other alt-rock fossils.

The Margarita Pour, a staple SA event, held at Sunken Gardens, in itself, it used to be a good live music venue. At one point I saw Bush there back in the day, and also a killer Eve 6 / Third Eye Blind gig.

I like the road in the back of the venue, kinda interesting layout.

A toast to Jose -- 20 to get in, and all you get was 10 sippy cups of margaritas and you have to BUY the rest? What the hell is this all about?

There's me and my ten sippy cups of margaritas, with my pathetic KISS swag, god I'm a hater.

Not quite like hipsters who crowd the stage at 'real' bands, and not cover bands. The only hardcore dude up front appeared to have too much acid.

Highlights of the afternoon were Mohon's antics. Here a picture of him grabbing a master cylinder of Butt-Wiper off the ground and pretending to take a big swaller.

Mahon loved the show, just look at that facial expression. Boy we are dorks!.

Laura P was doggin' on shaggy Mike P. We see the $5 dollar haircuts, and it was on! Inside, all Spanish, kinda cool, kinda trippy -- I was reading a some sort of trash magazine in Spanish. Good times.

Finally, with it being about 100 outside, its at least 10 degrees hotter inside the porto, hence, I long pee produced tons of sweat, not the best way to look coming out of the pot. Kinda reminds me of when Bevis and Butthead were drinking those big gulps at that rock concert and Bevis knocks it over with Butthead in it, if Mahon would have done that to me, that would have been a text book ending a signature margarita (festival) gone sour.

All in all, wherever you go there you are, and with the P's there, I had a great time nonetheless.

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