Sunday, August 26, 2007

I've got a bumper sticker on my chest that says, No Regrets, No Regrets

The Internet to me has always been a strange and wondrous land. Lots of money has been made by just pure hype, and it is often hard to decipher what is over-inflated and what is the real deal.

One thing for certain, when companies like google start playing with money like its monopoly, arguing over private jets, and serving lobster for Monday lunch, it's a sign of a company I'd like to stay away from in terms of investments.

What's his name, I can't think of him offhand, talks of a coalition b/w Facebook, techmeme, and Mahalo to create a new platform of aggregation based on friends recommendations and the whole social networking thing, and how it stands to gain tremendous ground in there future, and I couldn't agree more, here are some of the reasons and thoughts.

As the Internet gets bigger so does the noise, and the filter (the search) isn't going to be able to keep up with this noise, or it will have a more difficult time being an objective search and a money maker at the same time, hence money wins.

It is a time when google has tons of 'labs' that have an empty bottom, money is getting thrown into them with not ROI, eventually this HAS to catch up.

You look at business models that can be copied, google brought the long tail to advertising, and that's what made them popular, but guess what, yahoo got it figured out, and they have a bigger base to work from.

I SCOFF at google for CHARGING for 6 gigs of Gmail when yahoo has free unlimited. Google invented the free large sum of space, what in the bejesus are they doing charging for it now? I'm disgruntled about this, it seems to be a weird move on their part, and they possibility of disillusioning their fan base is high.

In the end, if more people would contribute to content aggregators like facebook, that's where I would get my news from, instead we're still in the realm of pokes, pictures of you dancing on tables, and 'where I've been applications.'

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