Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kissin' Just for Practice, Could we Please be Objective Cause the Other Boys are Queuing Up Behind Us, A Hand Over My Mouth, A Hand Over the Window

I've always thought that looks can get you just as far as intelligence. What is it about a typical IT shop? 92% made of guys going ga-ga when a decent looking girl joins the mix? How does that work, how is it that dudes become more accommodating than normal, and conversation opens? All knowledge aside, there is power in looks.

That's why I keep my man boobs in check and the head shiny bald. Like Jonas says to Jane in the movie Leap of Faith, 'always look better than them Jane,' and I find this to be true, look better than them in body, mind and spirit, and stay ahead of the curve, and you'll turn heads.

I still want to believe that pragmatism is still the true way to get ahead in the long run, but who's to say that politics and bs doesn't go a long way. 'Fighting the good fight,' getting things done is the contradictory hard way and at the same time the easy way to get to the top. It's the way to stay young. What defines you in an office space is what you do at 2pm after a big Chinese food lunch. Do you fight through it or fold?

Regardless, its not a question of 'is life fair?' I'm coming to the realization that you MAKE life fair for you.

In addition to that, 'wherever you go, there you are.' I'm finding some interesting places in SanTacko that I will blog about soon, and in a way its refreshing to exit stage left from the hipster scene and hang out in a more practical life environment. (don't get me wrong though, I cry every night that I'm not in Austin)

All in all, things are very good --- very happy, very tired.

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SG said...

Interesting observation on looks and IT ladder-climbing. I have always felt that having a little bit of the look-of-the-computer-nerd has always helped me gain instant geek-credibility. But I think to get promoted higher, you do need to stay in shape and be better looking. Most of my bosses have been better looking than me. On the other hand we do have Bill Gates and Paul Allen who go against that generalization..

I am always amazed at how half-good-looking women in the IT arena are viewed. On the other side, in my experience their soft-skillset usually makes them better managers than most IT ment – so maybe it is not wrong to go softer on them..