Thursday, August 02, 2007

Love hold me away deep in this town and canopy of snow, Go, spin me around under the folding branches

Surreal moment today, I'm turning on to New Braunfels avenue after signing the lease to my no-so-deluxe apartment, and a funeral is passing. While the funeral is passing, Track 6, Under the Folding Branches by The Veils comes on, just one of those feelings, a Dawson's Creek real life moment, where the music and the scene match perfectly, sending a shiver down my spin, I loved it!

Then I thought about 'reality tv' and how it's as far from reality as life can get. It's controlled shock value, a land where everyone is fit and beautiful, everyone knows the right thing to say, and its so so irony in 17 minute digestible chunks.

What gives people that 10 second shiver up their spin? It's hard to understand, hard to process the contradictions in the human mind. For me, shivers come in spurts, Veils and funeral procession was the latest catalyst. Perhaps for others, the season finale, the ousting of your favorite idol or dancer, or a calculated 'twist' in your perceptions of 'name that tv show.'

How you integrate all these shivers, all yours with all others, a wonderful pursuit I'd like to think. At the end of that rainbow lies of wealth of human understanding and empathy. How close am I to finding the answer? On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd say I'm up a point to -2.


SG said...

Shivers take on a whole new meaning when you have kids.

Shivers of pride, when your son is up to bat, 2 outs, in a one-run baseball game � and there is no one else on your team you would rather have up.

Shivers of fear, as your son comes in with blood covering his foot.

Shivers of dread, as a boy is playing too much with your daughter at the pool, because you were a young boy at one time and know what they think.

Shivers of joy, reading to your children as they have the light-bulb moments where they �get� something..

Nothing like kids to bring a little empathy.

RB said...

thanks for that piece of insite and perspective, i'm now up to -1! :)