Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rain, Fallin' Against The Lonely Tenement that Sets My Mind to Wander

No pictures from the outside, I'm not afraid of al qaeda, I'm scared of al-crack-a as Chris Rock would say. Army base behind, 5 blocks to the left crack deals goin' on, 5 blocks to the right, there' a country club, and my local pub is 'Betty's Battalion,' therefore it will keep me 'off the streets.'

Here's the 'big room,' the old tenant was kind enough to even leave me a couch. It's dying for a leather smell yankee candle which I'll get next week. I hope my neighbors aren't upset with my new bandwidth hogging MIMO router.

The 'master' bedroom, the only bedroom for that matter, nice window unit, CISSP book and netflix account, that's gonna do it!

Once I get my manly' black shower curtain, it will compliment the good ol' pink bathroom, it will show everyone my sensitive side :)


mel said...

hmmm bathroom..suits you well roberto...suits you well

SG said...

Window unit A/C... You hit the big time now.

Congrats on a sensible choice of housing.

Christina said...

If anyone can pull off a pink bathroom, it's you, Robert. All the way. :-)

Nacim said...

awww...pinky roberto... ;)
it seems like a nice place, just needs your stuff in it, and some artistic decorations...