Monday, August 13, 2007

Raised in the Woods So's He Knew Every Tree, Killed Him a Bear When He was Only Three

Living in SA, I think of the dreaded Alamo, the center of town and attention for tourists. Back in the day, legend has it that William Travis, Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie camped out with 185 Texans as Santa Anna's army of 3,000 - 6,000 in number (depending on who tells the tale) March to quell to uprising of American settlers to the area. The struggle for Texas Independence actually began in Gonzales. They had a crust cannon they borrowed from the Mexican army, Mexican army wanted it back, G-Town says, 'Come and Take It,' so the legend goes.

Reality probably goes more like this. Mexico City to San Antonio is over 800 miles, by the time Santa Ana's army made it up that way, they were probably like 'Damn, this sucks,' it's hot, I want to go home and the like. Sure, this gave Sam Houston 7-10 more days of 'training time' for his militia army, but in reality I think the Mexican army would have feel to the influx of whites sooner or later.

Just to note, no way to make war civil, 200 or so 'Texans' in Goliad got killed even after surrender.

Lots of social implications here between white and hispanic, and I'm excited to get a perspective on the tolerances and lack of tolerances as the months go by. I'm plan to do a lot of looking and listening with an open mind.

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