Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer and Winter, Winter and Springtime, You Heard the Birds Sing, Everything will be Fine

Lots of crazy antics today, and even more pictures.

JR, Today the birthday boy, 47 candles on that cake, looks like it's gonna set the house in flames, boy we had to light those suckas quick!

Here's all the hoodlums that showed up, great times, check out that expression on Gavin's face. Only one not pictured is JOSH, you the bomb dude, thanks for takin' the picture!

Corey and I always roughin' each other up, pretty soon he's gonna be able to take me, I just know it. I'm intimiated already.

JR and I, we sure do like throwing around that Frisbee thing! JR was 'the man in black' today.

Gman and his crazy elephant ears, boy those things are lookin' good. So much rain, plants everywhere are happy :)

Me and Ashton throwing up our antlers, always good fun picking on Ashton. Let the walrus jokes roll on all day.

Here's a very reluctant mummy as Ashton and I try to teach her the 's3x, drugs and rock and roll' sign. Just check that look on her face, she's thinking, are you crazy?

After some persuasion, she worked it out like a champ!

Here's the brothas, with mutha, all from the same mutha too.

The hero of the day was Derwin for bringing his pressure washer to give a spray to my tired front walkway. Lots of pecan sap lining the sidewalks. This brings a new place for the phrase 'wash me.' It was actually hard to do this b/c when I'd 'open her up' , the machine that is, it would burst me back a bit.

In the middle of the process, insane I tell you, we could have used this as an example on a commercial.

Finally, here's Ronnie and his Okra, he said to put on the blog that this stuff gross better with some kinda moss fertilizer, but I forgot the actual name.

Love ya Jr, hope you had a great time, I hope you enjoy watching first season episodes of Lost In Space, and hope you had as great of a time as I did today.

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