Friday, August 17, 2007

There are Places I Remember...

Sitting here with a Carlsberg in hand, I remember as if it was yesterday downtown Liverpool, where the beer is popular.

I remember the barmaid pouring a glass from the tap, I remember the beer, looking at the tiny bubbles, the taste of it being ice cold. I remember going to the disco that had 80's night, drinking two for the price of one, I recall the atmosphere, the greasy fish and chips, and all in all, the wonderful vibe of the harbor city.

This is what my steadily and significantly declining balance of 12,000 dollars on my Visa card has bought me. Memories, VIVID memories of me being in places and circumstances that are surreal to a Shiner boy.

Enter world flatten-er #11, people who like to travel AND don't find excuses not to. Kudos to you people!

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