Sunday, August 26, 2007

There is a World Inside the World that you See, And It's OK to Count the Minutes 'Cause How Many Could There Be

There is a phrase in the computer geek world called 'the impedance mismatch.' Tight meaning means something like when you take 'relational databases' and 'object oriented business logic' and make them work and play together. It's a big time challenge to organize and integrate these two areas of programming, and in my days of programming, I've never seen it done efficiently, effectively yes, efficiently no. I always thought that if you understand the philosophy behind this mismatch, the rest is just details.

I looked up impedance mismatch and courtesy of wiki I got a loose definition. It is "choosing impedances that work well together" instead of "making two impedances complex conjugate."

This got me thinking about humans, and how they certainly don't manage the conflicting layers of life well. This leads to the 'state of the union' today, one in which based on your bias on what you are hearing on the news, what your buddies are talking about, or any other sound bytes you here. This trains you to hear what you want to hear, and do what you want to do, because the integration of ideas and personalities becomes too difficult.

Finally finished, 'A Brief History of Islam.' This is a classic example of an ideology that handles impedance mismatch extremely inefficiently.

What happens next is human beings are true to their thoughts, and they 'fight for what they believe', instead of fighting WHAT they believe. In the ever changing world, I find it essential to adapt with the changes, and re-evaluate your stance on all things that you believe.

Why do human beings box themselves in? And why do I feel like everything and everyone tries to 'box me in.?' Is it because it makes me easy to understand for their digestion? Why does this happen in politics, economics, family affairs, and the other big platforms of thought?

It makes me ask myself, what are the questions that stir in my mind, and what do I believe in? I believe in change, the concept 'if it's working, it's broke.'

There are so many things BROKEN in modern day society, because the world is changing rapidly, more rapidly than ever before, and people aren't changing with them. The 'dinosaurs' are trying to maintain power as the options for everyone in the developed world are growing.

The last thing I ever want to do is box myself in, and in having that attitude, I feel I've lived in a difficult mindset of impermanence, while having and discovering ultimate flex room. The impedance mismatch of life is what I want to devote my brains cell to as the future rolls on.

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