Tuesday, August 14, 2007

They Say the Neon Lights are Bright on Broadway, They Say There's Magic in the Air On Broadway

That's right, on Broadway, San Antonio, this is right down the road, a hop, skip and a jump. My nightly jog walk jog walk. I jog when someone else is going to come by so I can look all cool and fit, and walk a bit later when I'm about to die.

The Witte museum, don't know anything about it, but i plan on finding out what's up up in there.

Incarnate Word college, I know my child prodigy friend who is working in the senate building went here at an early age, don't know what it's about, but I'll find out more. Perhaps I will eventually take some masters classes here.

Right behind here is ATT, SBC, whateva big a$$ building.

Wanna talk about local pubs? Well here's my new one, The VFW converted into a pub. Interesting local color as I poked my head in the door.

Finally, yea, the troops, I feel for them, I wish them a safe return. Let's look at the services. I agree, we need to carry the big stick, but we also have to know how to use it. Like my old buddy Colby used to say, 'its not the size of the wand, but the magic in it.'


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