Monday, August 06, 2007

Well it was Saturday Night, I was Sitting in the Kitchen, Checking out the Women on Spanish Television

You ever notice how on Telemundo that all the girls look like J-Lo?

I've never had lobster in my life, and one of the marines I work with said I have a long list of culture I need to catch up on, so I head over to none other than the culture mecca of RED LOBSTER to fulfill this cultural mark.

The verdict, not impressed.


SG said...

An official - "What I had for diner last night" post.

The sad thing is - That some people (myself included) enjoy this Red-Lobster-type post more than the introspective posts that we should be appreciating. We are all so shallow..

Your sister will have that Lobster if you don't want it.. I am not that impressed either.. I always trade Debra my lobster for some of her shrimp.

Ashton said...

I'm sure glad someone told me about our Syamken reunion...I would have really liked to have gone! :-(

Anonymous said...

The lobsters at Red Lobster suck ass, and taste like fast food. Go to a real sea food restaurant if you want to eat the good stuff. Just my opinion. Also go with the Lobster Bisque.