Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When You Hear Twin Fiddles and a Steel Guitar, You're Listening to the Sound of the American Heart

Mr George im-a-sucky-actor-and-I-don't-write-my-own-songs-and-I-just-hold-that-guitar Strait (but I still like him) lives somewhere in San Antonio, I think in a posh part of town called 'The Dominion.'

Biggest differences thus far STX from ATX:

1 -- While walking around here in SA, it feels like DEFCON 1, no a soul in site, even in the smaller parks, its very quiet. It's a lot different, Austin has 25,000 hipsters per square mile. I kinda like it here, not nearly the amount of social pressure.
2 -- The 3 places I've had breakfast tacos from aren't nearly as good as ATX surprisingly, but I'm sure I'm going to hit the jackpot sooner or later here. However, you can get them on the cheap with a Capital C.

On with the show, here's a park one block away from my crib, heading west on New Braunfels Street east. I like the 'wildflowers at work.'

I can't wait to try the salsa and chips, guac, enchilada and taco sweetness of some of these places on Broadway, heading east towards downtown.

Architecture, reminds me of Tijuana, I'm really actually diggin' it.

Mad scientist houses all over the place. I appreciate the aesthetics of old verses new in housing. I'd love to have that upstairs apartment with all those winders.

Everything is cheap here, maybe I'll get a wax, like the 40 year old virgin.


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