Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You're as Cold as ICE

I once lived with a gal named Queen Bee, one of the most strong willed females I know. Well, once I thought about it in my head, what would happen if I said to her, 'bring me a beer b*tch', and then shortly after that the thoughts to me pulling shards of glass out of my face. haha

Shopping day today = full fridge = 1- sixer of spaten, 2- sixer of carlsberg, 3 - sixer of stella, 4 - dodgy heb sushi, 5 - wheat bread, 6 - sandwich meat, 7 - lunchables, 8 - carbonated water (it helps me burp), 9 - Yogurt, 10 - juice, 11 - Fresh Fruit, and 12 would be the stick of toblerone I am currently munching on.

Let thy belly be gone.

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