Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And I Won't Go, and I Won't Sleep, and I Can't Breathe Till You're Resting Here With Me

Why in the world am I quoting Dido? Roswell is the answer, its the theme song to the series that came out years back. With sketchy Internet access, I head down to have price books and pick up the six DVD series for 19.99, what a deal.

Series starts out great, packed full of great irony, 3 kids are aliens, 2 human kids know, an as the circle of speculation expands, the more 'roswellian' it gets, and boy golly its wonderful.

The aliens and humans start to date and 'make out' and all this, and there's the 'I saw stars when he kissed me' line, and is it really stars, or is it just the way it rolls when you like someone. Lots of this sorta thing.

It integrates old Indian culture well, the great land of enchantment known as New Mexico is there, and they even spill into Texas every now and then.

I love Roswell, even though there isn't anything to do there, except the alien festival in July a WILL attend before I die.

So family and friends, check out the story, the irony will captivate you until you can be captivated by the characters, all in all I'll give it an A-.

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