Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Have Learned a Mighty Lesson from this Change of Plans

Picture problems, lots of pictures in queue, but this tech guy is having technical difficulties. Cool things that have happened lately --

1 -- Eating with cousin Dave
2 -- Going to cousin Don's football game, hanging out with him Brad, Sarah, Casey, Kev
3 -- Random visit from Todd (a great buddy I used to work with) in Shiner

What's on my mind, lots and lots and lots of things. I've been listening to Bob Dylan a lot lately, a man who has paved his own road, and for that I admire. Some people are good at following the rules, and some people have content contrary to the rules. The contrary people are the ones who change the world, and that's where I want to be.

How does it happen? I have to 'play by the rules' until I learn what's wrong with them, and conjure up a plan to deviate.

I've learned a lot from the change of plans. I'm able to shine a spotlight on important things, family, career, stability and understand the difference between true human motivators and noise.

O, and PS, work is a lot of work.

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