Thursday, September 13, 2007

Long Before the Astronauts, The Soviets and the Science

Anyone want to know my schedule for ACL -- well, after I see Crowded House, I can die and go to heaven :) -- They were actually playing in MSP the night I left, damn the timing. Check out their greatest hits album, and I can't help but play the song 'Better Be Home Soon,' over and over in my head, because despite all the 'i hate san antonio' jargon in my head, I feel like I'm finally doing something right in life.


Paul Green School of Rock (got little buddies playing)
Crowded House
Queens of the Stone Age
Gotan Project
Killers (will kill me, but just to get it off the list)
Bjork (listening to weird mumblings for a while)


Willy Mason
Sound Team
Paolo Nutini
Steve Earl
St Vincent
Andrew Bird
---Go downtown point
(do i really have to pick b/w artic monkeys and damien rice? how bout death?)


Yo La Tengo
The National
Ben Kweller
Lucinda Williams
Regina Spector
My Morning Jacket
The Decemberists
Bob Dylan

Damn what days! -- Sure to cure a music drought :)

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Christina said...

Mmmmm, I would stomp over my own offspring to see Damien Rice. Seriously. You lucky duck. Enjoy the show(s)! :-)