Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Car, Caviar, Four Star Daydream, Think Ill buy me a Football Team

Eating lunch Saturday with my comrades I often think, damn there is a great mesh, lots of intelligence and brain power, being billed out at WAY more than they're getting in return. Why is it so hard to 'start a business.' I think its a much harder endeavor than most people think, it takes a lot of things to align, and a boat of luck.

I've always had debt and jet setting that comes in my way, but the debt is numbered in my life, so what will my excuse be then? I used to think in terms of how to execute the contract once it is awarded, now my thoughts focus on getting the contract, then figuring out how to do the work. The more 'professional' one becomes, the more this 'coalition' has to be loosely coupled, and especially in 'World 2.0', there is no micromanagement, but rather a focus on meeting objectives, clearly defined objectives.

I like to be 'the man who knows the man,' and my success in life thus far has been largely do to the fact I can make a few calls, and get what I need done, done. The smarter and luckier I get, the larger the stakes of these phone calls become.

In the meantime, the people I hold dear to me in the business world are doing what they should, moving, shaking, shifting, adapting, learning, growing, achieving. I've always thought if you ain't around this, you better find some way to GET around this attitude.

I've always been under the mindset that these people were in a few places, silicon valley and jet city. Going to both, you feel that oozing out of people. People walk with a purpose, and are achieving as the strive for more. Wherever you go, there you are is true to a point, but it does help to be around people who motivate you.

I think about myself and try to self discipline myself to think....Would I turn this in to myself if I were the boss? In doing so, I have began the strive turn in something you'd like to see if you were boss approach.

I want to be an overachiever, I want to have the answers.

In the meantime watch wait wish hope, and the cliches go, chance favors the prepared mind, and the luckiest people are the most hard working people, there is no coincidence in that.

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