Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pistols Shots Ring out in the Barroom Night, Enter Patty Valentine from the Upper Hall

What does it take to quell speech in someone that is outspoken? How about the much welcomed change of perspective in life. I've spoke many times about the job, many times about the move to a different city and hanging out with 'normal' people instead of hipsters all the time, but I haven't told you (the blog, and consequently a third person representation) of a special person who has been there for extended dialogue. The name is Jolen, and don't slap an 'e' at the end of that, she'll get mad at you, but sometimes I just call her Minnesota.

What did Minnesota do for Texas, and what did Texas do for Minnesota? Through a significant amount of dialogue over a long time, we've helped each other understand the path to true reconciliation in our lives comes from truly forgiving yourself then forgiving others. This has ushered in a sea change in my life that I'm not fully able to articulate at this juncture, but I like it. Don Henley once wrote a song, 'Heart of the Matter' in which he introduced the tune 'It took 42 years to write and 4 minutes to sing.' Forgiveness, Forgiveness.

Rest assured, the demons are still living inside me, but I feel like I've been able to suppress them better than ever. I think of Dylan a lot when I think of her, a lot of Dylan I'm just now beginning to understand (literally and figuratively). What better way to shine a light on something that's really changing in my life than to listen to a man I can 'grow into' emotionally while regardless of what happens with her, I can usher in a new era of my life. Ideas always change constantly in my head with new input.

What will happen with her? I'm excited to find out. She thinks I'm funny, she thinks I'm dorky, she listens to my rants on obscurities and abnormalities, she likes Ayn Rand, can cook, and I'm pretty sure I can convince her that if you like Nickelback you have no imagination and judgement in music. ;-) BUT she does like all of my stuff that's tagged 'good.'

I think she brings objectivity to the table for me, something I've never been able to bring to the table myself, she brings enough for the both of us. I will lose bad habits with her help, and she'll teach me a lot about things I don't know and vice versa. She's all about the attention to detail, and I love that, and didn't really understand this in the past.

A pub in MSP, the only non 'I look fat picture' we have together. Did I mention it's COLD up there?

On a personal note, this blog posting is significant to me. I've surpassed in my mind what I feel is a psychological / personal milestone in blogging about someone I care about. For those of you who don't understand, blog about yourself and probe, what you'll find is a complicated journey to self enrichment.

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