Saturday, September 15, 2007

She Came All the Way From America, Had A Blind Date with Destiny, And the sound of Te Awamutu, Had A Truly Sacred Ring

More ACL pictures, the little amount of shade reveals humans looking like cows scrounging for any area to rest from the sun. The migration patterns of people are fascinating here, find a tall hill and watch it all unfold.

The Gibson guitars which are about to leave town, this one was rhinstone'ish, looked pretty cool.

Don't know if its the 'cool' thing to do at every festival, $2 dollar water, but its an amazingly love attribute of the festival.

Sunburnt foot, buckets of sweat pouring from me the entire day.

County Line BBQ with some old co-workers, Lee, John, Garth and pregnant Steph, Tam and Houng. Great to see you guys again!

A picture couldn't be complete without Mike D and Mike P. Check out Mike P's pecks!

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