Saturday, September 01, 2007

Slayer / Manson VWA

Steve, epic for the tickets. Ron and Alissa, great seeing yall!

Slayer is amazing.

Manson is a phony masquerading as a masochist but really a pure exhibitionist. I can just hear two stupid kids debating, one saying Manson 'makes sense' and the other saying he's crazy. They're both right, and sadly both wrong and more sad for society. Damn parents, where are you?

Here's my defense on doom metal, which has plenty religious undertones. Slayer portrays the violent side of religion, for better or for worse shining a spotlight on the darker side of humanity motivated by religious causes. Interesting enough, the first religion to be secular and fundamentalists, the Christians.

In a world of balance, if you believe in Christ, there must be the Antichrist. What if these 'two beings' are the same thing, energy in the form of ideas. Energy, and where you go with that energy is up to you. How does each and every human satisfy their lust for power, and do they work in God's name with him on their side?

Religion splinters off in so many factions of sub-factions of this and that, and people seldom take a step back and say, 'well gee, what DO I believe in, the easter bunny and santa' or something divine and beautiful? People like Slayer aren't there to disreguard your belief in the divine, but rather to re-inforce it.

Slayer knows what they believe in, its the dreaded 'spirituality but not religion' thing, with an emphasis on the 'dark side.' It's essential to shine a light on this, and the balance that angels and the devil are the same, makes the Slayer message relevant and intelligent. The capacity for both 'good and evil' are inside every one of us, might as well be exposed to both. Understanding makes the 'evil' not so evil.

Which leaves me up at night thinking, Is it easier to smile and be happy and accept all things have the capacity to be good, or is it easier the question all that is. Either way, if you devote brain cells to your quest, I can respect it.

At any rate, there is an amazing metaphysical study to be done on the roots of death metal.

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