Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Don't Need A Law Degree, To Set your Mind and Spirit Free

Lots to say since last post, will do it in bullet format in order of importance, and promise to elaborate more soon. I'm hanging out at six dollar internet an hour starbucks b/c inner city Esse don't know what a wireless coffee house is and Road Runner can lick....well.
  • Had a charming weekend in Minneapolis
  • Road runner sucks, I hate em, I'm really not diggin' San Antonio AT ALL -- not a good vibe here
  • Swimmin' in sin, that's what the cadillacs were doing a few weeks ago in Shiner at their booze fest to fund the church, hence splitting the towns resources in half
  • trying to figure out how to bring the long tail to the small town
  • observations on two humble people stumbling into elegance
  • wanting to pay of debt and use surplus to go back to masters school, diploma to wipe my ass with, and something to slop on the resume
  • going from place to place around here looking for internet connection and finding NOTHING
  • I like 'The Pig Stand' here, and 'Sam's Burgers' -- The rest, mamma taught me not to say it.
  • Speaking of mamma, she's doing good, last treatment of the 'rough ones' this Friday. I had lunch with her tonight, good times, and good spirits (figuratively)
  • lots of thoughts on how shameful it is that foreign policy is dictated by american political cycle. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hitler lovin' facist, but this country could stand to do with less lawyers and politicans and more engineers.

More to come on all these topics when internet connectivity is available. I have a gazillion pictures in queue.

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