Sunday, October 21, 2007

In the Paper Today, Tells of War and Waste, But you Turn Right Over to the TV Page

The theme for the weekend, visiting great buds (Mike D, Manuelabor and Lacinator) and food that's bad for you, two trips to McDonalds, an excessive portion of sloppy Mexican food, and the clincher, FRIED GUACAMOLE at the state fair.

Somewhere in there we saw St Vincent at a posh museum in Ft Worth. Austin and Ft Worth do music totally different. St Vincent in Austin would have been in crowded sweaty body to sweaty body emos, here, I could have rolled up right in front of everyone without a sour look thrown. Bada$$ 'Dig a Pony' Beatles cover which made me happy.

The museum also had the Ron Mueck exhibit, something extraordinary, but not for many. Manuelabor and Mike D were joking about the sculpture of the pudgy naked dude in the corner, said it looked like me, and unfortunately I couldn't deny it.

At the state fair, we went to a dinosaur IMAX show, one of those IMAX'es that wrap around you, VERY trippy, I had vertigo for 2 hours after it. Lots of other stuff, unfortunately no pictures, but I did find my charger so I'll start making up for it.

My current thoughts swing to Drew Carey's quote, "America isn't at war, they are at the mall," and when I head to a mall, I can't discount this. Also, check out the song, The Internationale, it has a fascinating history, and no, I'm no socialist, but I am an idealist. This 'movie', 'starring' Billy Bragg, is now on my amazon wishlist. I think its just an extended dialogue about the song, you see what I do for fun on a Friday night these days. :-)

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