Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pale, pubescent beasts, Roam through the streets, And coffee shops, While I Try to Find Words as Light as the Birds that Circle Above

Sunday afternoon, I'm watching 'The Resurrection' a movie filmed IN SHINER, and starring my grandma in select parts. 5 stars on Amazon, but only available on VHS tape? What's up with that? Long story short, its about a woman who has the power to heal, without any divine ties, hence society alienates her, go figure.

World class vision, another point of mental toughness, one of societies great visions is one of love, the passionate and unconditional kind. Sorry, but when Tina Turner says 'whats love got to do with it,' she's just fuming.

It's a really primitive world out there when you don't have love in your life, real cave man shit going on everywhere, and I am old enough to say with strong conviction I HATE IT. I do believe souls have to find each other for balance and focus in life, and in a society tooled for two.

It's that time in my life, would I rather go out and watch a bunch of hoes dancing 'To the Window To the Wall on the dance floor', being cool, or would I rather stay at home and do personal things, without a doubt, the times in my life of 'keepin up with the Jones's is over', and I'm entering the adult life and true virtue.

What it mean, I guess it says, when you're a 'cool and young' person, you can't wait for the phone to hang out with your friends, when you're 'old,' the phone rings on Saturday night, you hope its not for you.

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