Saturday, October 13, 2007

Well a restless wind is whistling through the windows in my head

A good dose of German-Texas heritage and Two Gallants were on tap today, one can't appreciate the intensity of this two piece outfit from the Barbary Coast without seeing them live.

At the Mohawk, Austin's coolest newest hippest bar. The saying goes while talking to the barkeep, that, the place kept going out of business because it was built on Indian sacred ground, well, they called it 'Mohawk' for the 'blessing' from the Indians, by golly, it seems to be working. Crackberry phone picture, you can see Club Deville's crown in the background, kinda symbolic if you know the progression of this area.

The Gallants on German MTV, still doesn't do it justice. The band before them had six people on stage, the Gallants said, we'll take your six and produce the same sound with two. Just listen to that raspy voice!

The important part of the weekend, getting to catch up with Lee, Mike D, Jenny and Ashley, and we can't forget sis and the family. Check out this TERRIBLE picture of Lee and I at Scholz Garten, I did my best to look German'ish with the goldish shorts, black shirt with a red one underneath.

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