Thursday, November 22, 2007

And If Love is All Around Us, How Could this Have Found Us, The Move you Know is Don't Let Go Of Me

I had a fair share of turkey and pie and loafing today, and happily no pulled muscles this year. I need to get rumbling on some exercise or that minute on the lips will turn to lifetime on the hips. I had a lot of time to think today, just a general 'take it easy' sorta day, and I'm amazed at how much my mind is at ease, and how that makes me a better participant in family life. I love the feeling.

I think about fear, and how many people live their lives in fear, and how many people base all kinds of decisions in life on what they are afraid of. I tried to get down to the root of it all, thinking, is it terrorists, bad people, new job, new house, new girl or what? What is people's main source of strife, forever I thought being bold is what it took to overcome what I thought people feared the most, FAILURE. I've finally come to understand that humans in general are afraid of success. Success, however you measure it, should take a person out of their comfort zone and thrust them into a 'brand new way' like Rhett would say. I've feared success until today in my life, and today starts a reconditioning of my mind to accept nothing other than success. In its purest form to me, no matter what you do in life, this means 'overcoming obstacles' and having the right attitude. For me this means being deviant inside while following the worlds fashions, and 'busting loose' when the time is right.

The other side of that is courage. Jeff Buckley said that dreaming is for the courageous. I set the bar high in my head for the dreams I want to accomplish, with grace and dignity. I hear what my heart has to say, and its brave and bold, and I will follow. What's the latter? Really, do I have a choice? I'm not afraid of success, I will continue to get better, and I will seek motivation and inspiration from everyone around me.

If you don't take risks, you don't drink champagne. - Gary Kasparov

Texas Testosterone again at its finest, thats right, don't mess with my beer. Happy Thanksgiving yall -- hats off to the 48,000,000 projected turkeys that have found their way on to our tables.

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