Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blame it on the Black Star, Blame it on the Falling Sky, Blame it on the Satellite, That Beams Me Home

Gee wiz, I'm finding it harder and harder to blog each and every day. I've avoiding religious and political commentary, and for the first time in a long time I'm putting for par on the self inflicted misery-o-meter.

So, I can say, knowing yourself is power, having a deep understanding of yourself is amazing. I find something new out about myself all the time, tonight, I've come to the conclusion a lot of the things I do are 'ghetto.'

I'm riding my bike this evening, a considerable investment in bike, gloves, shoes, hat, shorts, etc. I roll out all the time still in a rebellious fashion. When you're going 30 on a bike you can fall and jack yourself up pretty good, and my attire on the bike ride, WELL, lets just say it ain't no Lance Armstrong, especially after a brisk 10 mile ride, lovely BO.

Well I ride through the southeast side for greater 'motivation', the sides where killings are one a day plus iron. I really like the mobile upload for facebook, really cool stuff, blackberry to facebook flawlessly.

Speaking of which, I must have Google backlash here. I think their 'open social' initiative isn't going to work because the 'identity piece' hasn't been figure out, hence can you say porn bot open social friends? Straying more and more away from core competencies, blogger ain't changed a bit in forever, I'm looking at moving to the end of the day they are a bonafid advertising agency with a great search service, yahoo and msft will catch up and the pie will be split at least 3 ways. How about Mozilla hopping in bed with Google, I feel like it proves the whole 'open' ideology isn't really all that it's cut out to be. It is inevitable that the boys from Google will be trading in the free lobster dinners for Subway someday, I'm not a hater, just a realist.

Hype keeps a lot of things inflated, hell it keeps some cities inflated, like the one I used to live in. It's great if you can sustain it, otherwise the impending 'bust' will occur. I guess in a flat world Billy Bob technologist can work anywhere he wants to. Hype keeps the dreaded stock market higher than ever while the housing market is in a bust, dollar is at a all time low EVERYWHERE, and oil just hit 96 bucks a barrel.

Big impressions on SA thus far, terrible roads, lots of homeless, lots of multi-cultural people around the Alamo, lots of stupid tourist BS around it too, car getting broken into while its 13 feet from where I'm sleeping is a bit alarming (literally), and it's tooled for the family life.

There are what to me are surreal situations around me here, and I really do enjoy putting them all into perspective.

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