Sunday, November 18, 2007

But over-zealous angels flap their wings too fast, And cause the wind to blow and turn the wheel at last

Lately in the 'long tail' world, the cool thing to do is to bash Jesus and compadres, in music, clothing, cocktail party conversations, and just general spatter. Don't get me wrong, I used to hop on this bandwagon, gleefully and say, yea! people have been mislead, this, that, and other typical rational thought sentiments, pffft, as if anyone knows.

Bashing GIVES RELEVANCE, and I've just now come to understand this, so what does it lead me to believe? I want to be a crusader for the truth, and yea, its one of the avenues I pursue, along with science, philosophy, art, empirical evidence, etc.

If you check out the 90 second history of all religions, you'll see a fascinating show of how Christianity and Islam are the best 'marketers' or 'witnesses' for their cause. Hell, I like them all, lots of interesting stuff conjured up by man himself, and the times interpretation of divine intervention, and to turn a blind eye to any of these stuff is simply wrong. :)

Which brings us to the 'inch deep, mile wide' way I live my life, and I rely on everyone around me to bring me their truth, I feel like I ask the right questions, and I've found out thankfully at a young age that life is to short to discount anything, and its a personal imperative to question everything. In my opinion, this doesn't make me a victim to anything, especially laziness.

Bro-in-law left a comment that said Richard Feynman (great man) said in physics, the closer you get to fact, the less likely it is to be true. This is why I'm weary of people who are absolutely certain in their convictions, weather it be clergy, science, political figures, and especially the belligerent jackass at the bar.

A lot of it is about putting brain cells towards what you believe is right, and not doing it with venom. I do this, and I'm confident in my convictions, but you can never be sure.

I've been at peace spiritually in my life for a fair amount of time now, I think not only is it a choice, but vital and essential to mankind. Curiosity and open-ness is the key.

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