Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dressed Up to the Eyes, It's a Wonderful Surprise, To See Your Shoes and Your Spirits Rise

Many parts of my day / life I see through a surreal lens, and by golly I like it that way. For instance, this morning I'm rollin' up in an army base, and I have The Cure playing, the head goes silly. I think, this is an interesting canvas around me set to the music. It's rainy day music to go with complicated and intricate agendas, in life, love, aspirations.

It's kinda like a typical Bruns family get together that includes turkey, dressing, yams, fajitas, hot sauce, corn tortillas, guacamole and brisket all other things that 'go with' it. It's saying, 'bring on the pot luck.' I love pot luck, and I don't see why more people don't engage this mentality towards their lives, is the security and stability they crave better than my 'leap and the net will appear' approach?

I think about why I like Minnesota, and a flurry of things instantly come to my head, and rather than bore everyone with these sentiments, I'll say the best attributes we have going is that we can talk through things, and we're patient with each other. Communication and patience I've learned is key to starting out any successful endeavor that amounts to something meaningful. A wise old Ryan from Shiner once told me to understand the nature of what I'm getting into, and put the bar right there. This is much easier to 'set' when people are forward and frank with each other, and get down to the gusto when the gusto needs to be gotten down to.

Already we've weathered quite a few storms, some hail, some tornadoes, a hurricane or two and the waves have landed on friendly shores. Compromise, naw, none of that nonsense, that's the stuff that wimpy 'college trys' are good for. The things we disagree on we (sometimes painstakingly) talk through, and we come out clean on the other side, with a nice gleam and lemon sent to us, maybe on a beach or something like this.

If things don't work out, its not going to be because we didn't try, I've already yanked my ace and I know what I'm getting into, and as Semisonic would say, I'm "Feeling Strangely Fine."

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