Saturday, November 03, 2007

In vast oceans of air that will mess up his hair, Though he no longer cares anymore

I could write a dissertation on what goes on in your mind when you're a pudgy on the cusp of middle age out of shape computer programmer writing a 100 k bike ride. You think about yourself, your ambitions and the dreaded question of 'why am i out here on a Saturday morning testing my body like this'

You could be doing a lot of things, and you can make up a lot of excuses for not doing something out of your comfort zone, I choose not to make those excuses. I've lived by the Chinese proverb, time is a made thing, to say you don't have time, means you don't want to. Challenging yourself makes everyone around you a better person, and as long as these crusty bones of mine can endure, I'm there!

Well here's me and my bud W3, rolling down the streets, my top speed was 33 mph.

Getting late as I post this beast, lets just say that at the 'finish line' I felt like I was going to barf, body wasn't sore, and as I type this the following day, its remarkable that my body isn't in shambles, must be all that milk I've been drinking lately.

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